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Adult Spirituality Program

Three New Opportunities for Adult Spiritual Growth at Our Lady of Guadalupe!!!

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(Fr.) Raymond Ritari who has celebrated Mass with us on numerous occasions,and who recently stepped down from active ministry because of health reasons, will be offering an adult spirituality formation program. Fr. Emmanuel, our pastor, prays that “this program will run smoothly as ever and that parishioners will gladly welcome it and show their appreciation, passion and zeal by their regular attendance."

Six Week Course
Beginning September 12th @ 7 PM OR after Morning Mass September 13.
As a Catholic and a person of faith, you understand the spiritual importance of contemplation, prayer, and reflection in your daily lives. But, if you are like most thoughtful people, your lives are full of responsibilities, concerns, and distractions, perhaps drawing you away from your relationship with God. This introspective 6 week course (1.5 hours per session)invites you to explore not only traditional forms of Catholic prayer but ancient traditions of Catholic meditation and and their connection to silence,
healing, justice and peace. This six week series introduces you to the basic practices of meditation. Topics such as (1) Meditation in the Christian Tradition, (2) The Way of the Mantra (Sacred Word), (3) Fruits of Meditation and more will be presented. This will hopefully lead to the formation of a weekly parish meditation group that will meet on Thursdays beginning October 24 in the evening or after Morning Mass on October 25. This 6 week presentation will be on Thursdays from 7 PM-8:30 PM beginning September 12. If you are unable to attend in the evenings, please come to the same presentation after morning Mass beginning on Friday, September 13. Registration will be after Masses on August 25 and September 1st. Or call the parish office at 5058692189 or email us at [email protected] There is no cost!


Every 2nd and 3rd Fridays beginning
September 20 after morning Mass OR @ 7PM.
Movies with meaning will offer a selection of titles that are not always religious in content but sometimes secular, yet making faith connections to the meaning of life both personally and communally, oneʼs relationship with God and with the human family. People will come together, watch a particular movie and then be given discussion questions, returning the following Friday for discussion, utilizing the Catholic Catechism. A movie is usually two hours long and there just isnʼt enough time to think, digest,
to share that first night. MOVIES WITH MEANING will be offered on the 2nd and 3rd Fridays of the month beginning September 20 (movie) & 27(discussion) beginning at 7 PM. If you are unable to attend the evening presentation, please attend after morning Mass on those same days, or if you canʼt make the day when the movie is shown, please feel free to watch via Neflix, etc. At home and come to the discussion.


Adult Spirituality Program 
Movie of the Month
September 2019
Questions to Ponder
 The Seachers
This movie offers viewers an opportunity to think about questions surrounding American expansion and treatment of Native Americans. This is no ordinary Western. Although few Western movies cover the relationship between Native Americans and Euro-Americans with good historical accuracy, this film gives insight into some of the aspects of their interaction in the trouble after the Civil War. This film asks us to think about the moral issues of revenge, racism, sexism, mistreatment of others different from ourselves, justice, conversion and redemption.
1. This movie  consciously focuses on the moral issue of racism. Do you think the film is about racism? Is there a character that demonstrates racism? And if so, toward whom?
What does the Catholic Church teach regarding racism. (See Catholic Catechism).
2. There are elements of genocidal racism. What is genocidal racism? Do you remember where this might have been portrayed in the film. Where has or still is genocidal racism played out in our modern day society. 
3. What examples from the film illustrate sexism toward women? 
4.  Did Ethan (John Wayne) and Martin (John Wayne’s brother’s part-Indian foster child) have a responsibility to avenge the murderers of the family of Ethan’s brother? If a family was murdered in modern times, would the survivors have a responsibility to avenge the killing of their loved ones. 
Is justice shouting seeking revenge?What does the Catholic Church teach regarding justice? (See Catholic Catechism). 
5.  Finally, in this movie, The Searchers, which wins out, caring and compassion or the desire for revenge? Is there conversion on the part of John Wayne‘s character, Ethan? Where and at what point in the film might this conversion be evident for Ethan.
What does the Catholic Church teach regarding conversion and redemption? Do you believe in an all merciful God? Perhaps even with your enemies? (See Catholic Catechism).


Our Lady of Guadalupe
October Movie of the Month
Please avail yourselves to the October parish “movie of the month” on October 4, the Feast of St. Francis. This movie, “Gravity,” is very appropriate as Saint Francis in his famous Canticle, “Brother Sun/Sister Moon,” praises the beauty of creation. Come and celebrate the gift of creation and the cosmos that God had blessed us with.
If you are unable to come on October 4, please go to Netflix (or check it out from the library) to watch using the reflection questions below for your own spiritual growth
Gravity is hailed as a film for its technical brilliance. But the film’s core is not the technology but the story of its main character, the astronaut Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock). Sent to space to repair the Hubble telescope, Ryan and her colleagues encounter problems when debris from a satellite kills most of the team and destroys their ship. Ryan is the sole survivor and struggles to return to Earth, though she’s experienced great loss. The film asks what do we do after trauma, and Ryan certainly experiences catastrophe: the Hubble accident, her colleague Matt’s (George Clooney) death, and the accidental death of her young daughter. Ryan has to make a very conscious decision whether she will give up or fight to live when there appears to be no hope.
1. The film, through Ryan Stone’s character’s asks, “What keeps you going when all hope is lost?” What is it that motivates Ryan to survive? What motivates you?
2. Where does the film insert moments of the transcendent(the Divine) or religious (especially objects), and why?
3. In the final shot of the film, Ryan crawls out of the lake, grabs the sand with her hand, and says, “Thank you.” To whom is she talking? What does that scene exactly mean?
Are there aspects of the story that resonated with your own experience or with the experience of others in a similar situation?
Knowing when you will die
After the storm of debris hits the shuttle, Stone is detached from the shuttle and flung into space with no self-propulsion unit; she is adrift attached only to Kowalski by radio. Kowalski comes after her and tows her back to the damaged shuttle. They find none of the other crew have survived. They then make for the International Space Station using only Kowalski's propulsion pack. However, with the fuel in the pack exhausted they approach too fast and end up only attached by being tangled in loose cable. Kowalski knows his mass is pulling both of them away and Stone's only chance is if he detaches himself from her. Stone manages to board the station and escape via a damaged Soyuz re-entry vehicle, hoping to reach the Chinese station which has an undamaged re-entry vehicle. But she uses up all the fuel in the process. She then faces death for the second time. What difference would it make if you knew when you were to die? What would keep you going?
As Stone sits in the Soyuz she resigns herself to death; she expresses fear and wishes she had been taught to pray. Even atheists facing death have been known to pray. What is so special about prayer? Do you think it makes a difference? Stone turns off her oxygen supply and, as she breathes in carbon dioxide, she hallucinates, a common symptom. Her 'non-prayer' appears to be answered. What do you think? In both the Russian and Chinese spacecraft, religious symbols are in view. What does this suggest?
Isolation has always been a part of religious experience. Whether it is in monasteries or religious retreats, or like the desert fathers and mothers as hermits in isolated places, it is often believed that it brings one closer to God. Do you think the isolation of space might have a similar effect?” Does the view from space make it more or less difficult to believe? Explain your answer.
  1. In the grandest scheme of things, Stone’s position marooned in space is really not that different than ours, sailing through the same vast space, except in our case on planet Earth. Death is nevertheless a possibility at any moment. So what is this faith that finally saves? A feel-good spirituality? Something more?
  1. When Stone finally reaches Earth, her capsule sinks to the bottom of a shallow lagoon. She must swim to the surface and pull herself, alone (rescue crews haven’t had arrived yet) onto the shore of an “Eden-like” paradise. Climbing onto land, she needs a moment to learn to walk again – the baptismal and rebirth motifs of her redemption story here fitting perfectly into the actual consequences of spaceflight.What does baptism mean for you?
The technology which this film legitimately celebrates is marvelously useful and, in its own way, beautiful. But it can’t save us, and it can’t provide the means by which we establish real contact with each other. The Ganges River in the sun, the St. Christopher icon, the statue of the Buddha, signal that there is a dimension of reality that lies beyond what technology can master or access. The key that most effectively opens the door to the reality of God is nothing other than the kind of self-forgetting love that George Clooney’s character displayed, for God, as the first letter of John tells us, is love. In and through that love, which permeates and animates the whole of the creation, we find connection to everything else and everyone else—even to those who have passed from this life to the next. How wonderful the technology that allows us to explore the depths of space, but infinitely more wonderful is love which “moves the sun and the other stars.”
In the end, what about the movie challenged you personally? What questions regarding faith does the movie raise for you?



(Date/Time TBA)
Beginning in October

A parish spirituality book club will commence. Five titles per year will be read and discussed by parishioners who desire to grow in their Catholic Faith with the support of one another. Parishioners will purchase the book ahead of time from the parish office. The book could also be purchased ahead of time for use on your Kindle. Parishioners will register for the four week sharing and be given a schedule of chapters to be read.
The first book to be read we will be:

Riding the Dragon – 10 lessons for inner strength and challenging times by Robert J. Wicks.
Don't slay your dragons, learn to ride them! Drawing on various traditions, psychologist and best-selling author Robert Wicks offers help with life's difficulties-the dragons that escape from the cave. In this book you'll find guidance and encouragement to engage your problems and grow through them, to ride those dragons rather than slay them or drive them back into the cave. This book might prove to be quite beneficial for many as we prepare to enter into the holiday season, i.e., Advent and Christmas. Letʼs not be afraid to engage the problems (ride the dragon!) that we are undergoing right now in order to be more present in our Advent preparation for the birth of our Savior at Christmas.

Our next selection will be “Boundless Compassion” by Joyce Rupp. This will be a six week personal transformation process beginning in January preparing us for Lent. Date and time TBA. More about this book in the next few weeks.


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