Ministry Leaders

Finance Council                       Pastoral Council

 Dulie Espinoza                           Gilbert Duncan

Liturgy Committee                Altar Society

   Guadalupe Duncan         Ana Otero (OLOG) & Ana Parada (SDC)

Extraordinary Ministers and Lectors

    Guadalupe Duncan

Extraordinary Ministers to Homebound

    Emily Brito

Knights of the Altar               Music

    Carolyn Niski                            Carla Franco

Ushers                                        Youth Ministry

    Jack Siamu                                Bernadette Jaramillo

Additional Organizations:

Legion of Mary and Blue Army:

    Viola Gabaldon

Secular Order of Servites:

    Matthew Sena

Knights of Columbus, Peralta Council 9340:

    Gilbert Duncan

St. Vincent de Paul Hours: Tuesdays 10– 11:30 am Contact: 866-1984 for more details.

Cemetery Arrangements: Call the Parish Office 869-2189

If you need to contact a ministry leader, please call the Parish Office.


Blue Army

Marian Movement