Youth Ministry

Our Lady of Guadalupe Youth Ministry

Middle & High School
August 2022 – July 2023


“We are His Workers in the Vineyard” 

Bringing life and inviting people back to our church through Evangelization


To work towards a Comprehensive Model of Youth Ministry in our Parish within 3 years

Mission Statement

Our Lady of Guadalupe Youth Ministry is inspired by the Holy Spirit and guided by Sacred Scripture, Tradition, and documents of the Catholic Church, the Mission of our parish, and Renewing the Vision document.  Youth Ministry will provide leadership formation, promote, and foster ministry with adolescents and their families.

Goals for Ministry with Adolescents

  • Goal 1: To empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today.
    • Objective A
      Provide an environment in which the youth and their families can learn who Jesus Christ is as they become and live as his disciple.
  • Goal 2: To draw young people to responsible participation in life, mission, and work of the Catholic faith community.
    • Objective A
      Provide opportunities for young people and their families to experience and participate in the life of the parish community by participating in ministries of the community and other ministries that support the work and teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • Goal 3: To foster the total personal and spiritual growth of each young person
    • Objective A
      Promote the growth of healthy, competent, caring, and faith-filled Catholic young
    • Objective B
      Ministry with adolescents fosters positive adolescent development and growth in both Christian discipleship and Catholic identity.

Components: Advocacy-Catechesis-Community Life-Evangelization-Justice & Service-Leadership Development-Pastoral Care – Prayer & Worship


Calendar of Events

Teachings (Education, Spiritual, Service, Social, Social Issues) (Circle of Grace – Class)

WYD Lisbon Pilgrimage - Archdiocese of Santa Fe July 11 2023                      Youth World Day 2023

  • August
    •  Planning
       Leadership Development
       Community Building
       Monthly Mass
       Communication Skills
  • September
    •  What is a Lay Minister – Document/ Teaching
       How to read the Bible (Scripture)
       How to be Morally Responsible in Today’s Culture-Circle of Grace ( 8)
       Old & New Testament (Teaching)
       Bonfire ( Family Event)  Youth Annual Bonfire Flyer  
       Safe Relationships: Putting the Puzzle Together 6 (Circe of Grace)
       Monthly Mass
       Todays Youth Social Issues
       Vatican II – History
  • October        October 2022 Calendar
    • Rosary –How/Why to pray
      Saying No to Disrespect: Honoring Everyone’s – Circle of Grace ( 7)
      How and Why we Pray
      Elderly Home Visit- Service
      Monthly Mass
      Parish Rosary Rally-Service
      Feast of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary
      Mini Retreat
  • November
    • What and Why the Sacraments
      ASF Search for Christian Maturity Retreat
      Communion of Saints
      Thanksgiving Day Mass
      Monthly Mass
      Advent Retreat –Middle/High School
      Mini Family Advent Retreat
      Veteran Appreciation (Cards) Service
      Visit Beehive -Service
  • December
    • Jesus History
      Monthly Mass
      OLOG Feast (Teaching & Participation)
      Parish Posadas
      Christmas Season ( Teaching)
      Children’s Christmas Mass
      Angel Gifts ( children & Homebound)
  • January
    • Monthly Mass
      Sanctity for Life Prayer Service & Service Project
      Youth Issues
      Church History
      Mental Health
  • February
    • Monthly Mass
      Valentine’s for Homebound
      Social Justice
      Mini Family Lenten Retreat
      Lenten Retreat (Middle/High School)
      Why Go to Mass ( Liturgy)
  • March
    • Monthly Mass
      Station of the Cross ( teaching)
      Parish Stations of the Cross & Soup
      Why do Catholics do Penance and Sacrifice
      Reconciliation (Purpose & Need)
  • April
    • Holy Week Service (teaching & participation)
      Monthly Mass
      Parish Easter Hunt
      Soup Kitchen
      Drugs & Alcohol Abuse
      Easter ( Teaching & Participation)
  • May
    • Monthly Mass
      Senior End of School Event
      Movie Night
      Mary ( History)
      Mother's Day
  • June
    • Monthly Mass
    • Sangre de Cristo Mass & Feast (Altar)
      Pentecost – Teaching
      Field Trip
      Father’s Day
      Parish Vacation Bible School
  • July